We aim to make positive changes within the health and wellness industry incorporating an educational metaverse.

There are three issues we want to address.

1. It takes on average 17 years for medical information to become common knowledge.

2. Many new research studies are inaccessible due to costing hundreds of dollars per year for journal membership.

3. Researchers do not receive any royalty for their work.

We are currently in the seed phase to fund our projects and looking to build trust and lasting relationships with investors.

Feel free to browse our website or contact GHW institute at fuji.rex@ghwinstitute.com if you would like to invest in our organization or have any questions.

Disclaimer: All information here is not medical advice except for patients or former patients we are legally allowed to treat. It is for informational / entertainment purposes only. Please contact your health care provider before changing your diet or beginning an exercise program.


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