Creating a team for raids and the Great Battle League (GBL)

Creating a team to raid a specific Pokémon is relatively simple. All we have to do is pick the right Pokémon with the best super effective attacks while avoiding weakness. Success in the GBL is part luck and part knowing what you are doing. There is no control over the type of team we encounter. But if our team has an overall weakness to a specific type of attacks and we keep running in to them, it may be helpful to have another team to use. Or create a team that has better coverage.

Here are a few terms that are important to understand:

  1. Effectiveness: How effective our Pokémon will attack others.
  2. Weakness: How our Pokémon react to other attacks.
  3. Quick attack: the constant attack that occurs when battling
  4. Charged attack: the attack that requires us to build energy to attack. A charged attack becomes super effective when a type of Pokémon uses the same type of charge attack against another Pokémon that is weak to it. For example, Pikachu is an electric type but can also have a water charged attack from past Pokémon events. An electric charge attack will be considered super effective and will deal more damage when facing Pokémon (flying and water) that are weak to it. On the other hand ground, grass, ice, and water Pokémon are resistant to it will take less damage. Pokémon can also have double effectiveness or double weakness since many Pokémon have dual types.
  5. Damage per second (DPS): How much damage a certain attacks will have in a given time
  6. Damage per attack: pretty straight forward…
  7. Cool down: How long we have to wait to use charge attacks.
  8. “Tankiness”: How well a Pokémon can withstand an attack.

There are many websites that have listed effectiveness charts. and a google search will show many. I listed a few here.

Euro gamer: I like this one the best because it lists effectiveness and weakness in a chart form.

Using this information will make it easier to pick the right Pokémon for raiding. There are more terms that are helpful to understand to create teams for the go battle league.

  1. I.V.: The attack, defense and HP appraisal of our Pokémon. In the masters league it is obvious we want the strongest to participate. But in the other leagues, higher does not mean better. Links about this is listed below.
  2. New / second attack: It is good to have a second attack when battling for various reasons
  3. Spam/Bait: A charge attack that has a short cool down to force our opponent to use their shields. We can also save or stack these attacks to make our opponent think that we are using a stronger attack which may also force them to use their shields before we do.
  4. Coverage: Having a second charge attack set to a type to help us battle Pokémon that we are weak to.
  5. Nuke: A very strong attack
  6. Debuff: A charged attack that will may decrease attack for defense of your opponent.
  7. Self-Debuff: A charged attack that will may decrease attack for defense of your own Pokémon.
  8. Leads: Pokémon that is effective as the lead to your battle group. This may be due to it’s fast charged attack, tankiness, or resistance to multiple types of attacks.
  9. Switches: Pokémon that can withstand a weakness or situations when your opponent have the advantage and still be able to deal some damage
  10. Closers: Pokémon that tend to do well when there are no shields left.
  11. Chargers: Pokémon with very strong charge moves and do well with an advantage.
  12. Core: two or three Pokémon that cover each other both offensively and defensively.
  13. Synergy between types: types that work well together. Examples:
    • Water-Fire-Grass
    • Dark-Fighting-Psychic
    • Dragon-Fairy-Steel

The following websites that lists data to create your team This site will rank Pokémon for each league, list ideal attacks, review your ideal team, simulate how well your team will do, and lists strengths and weaknesses of your team. They also help you find a core team. This site helps you pick a core team and types that work synergistically using This site lists of charged attacks for raids, they need to update their list This site lists charged moves that will de-buff your opponent. discusses how IV affects GBL to help pick your Pokémon for each league. Find the best IV for our Pokémon for each league.

Now we have a basic understanding of creating a team. But there can be some differences when using shadow Pokémon since their attacks are 30% stronger and defense is 30% weaker. Generally, shadow Pokémon are stronger than purified ones because 30% increase is attack is calculated from its base stats which is greater than what the increase in IV will be. Here is an example:

General Base 190198189
Perfect IV205213204

It is our choice to keep Pokémon as shadow or purifying it. It is very common for shadow Pokémon to be very strong especially when their attacks are effective. It may also be beneficial to keep Pokémon as shadow to use while raiding. have a list of base stats. tips on shadow Pokémon and how to TM away the frustration attack.

Now it is time to check catch Pokémon, check their IVs, power up, and create a team. Good luck!