Fund a project

We have a few research ideas that have sparked our interest and would greatly appreciate grant funding!!! Please contact Rex at for more information.

  1. Can joint replacements be prevented with pain neuroscience education, manual therapy, and exercise?
  2. Effectiveness of intrinsic and extrinsic cues to improve safety with ambulation within the geriatric population.
  3. Effectiveness of cues for self correction vs addressing impairments to improve gait mechanics to prevent falls.
  4. How can we distinguish sensation and perception in chronic pain states?
  5. Is there a magic number of reps for strength gains?
  6. How balance exercises on unsteady surfaces may negatively impact the stress-shortening cycle and performance.
  7. How can we utilize therapeutic alliance to motivate seniors to exercise regularly.
  8. How diet can positively impact diabetes and cholesterol differently between individuals.