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Welcome to manual therapy of the 21st century

Within a well-constructed context that includes good pain education beforehand, and some simple individualized movement therapy after, the application of hands-on help by trained individuals actually can help people to construct a better relationship with their own physicality – one that has decreased pain, one they can learn to inhabit more comfortably. 

This website will contain updates on courses, when and where. 

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What is DermoNeuroModulating?

DermoNeuroModulating, or -tion, is a structured, interactive approach to manual therapy that considers the nervous system of the patient from skin cell to sense of self. Techniques are slow, light, kind, intelligent, responsive and effective. Positioning of limbs and trunk affects deeper nerve trunks (by shortening and widening their container), and is combined with skin stretch directed toward cutaneous fields of nerves that branch outward into skin (which may draw neural structure further through its container). 
It is prudent to remember that manual handling of a patient’s physicality is only a small part of developing a complete therapeutic context for change – while optional, it can also be optimal.

Here is a review of the approach by MyCuppaJoe, who had chronic hip pain for many years. 

 Included are simple ways of explaining the nervous system and pain mechanisms to patients prior to treatment.  
Go to “Links to Resources” to learn more about workshops offered, plus links to some studies that have been done.

“When the Primary Complaint is Pain, the Treatment of Pain Should be Primary”    
~  Barrett Dorko PT

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People can use the name dermoneuromodulating or dermoneuromodulation freely but no one can make a modality empire with it~ Diane Jacobs

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