What to place in gyms

It really doesn’t matter which Pokémon we put in gyms because team we use to attack a gym should be based on vulnerabilities. But having strong Pokémon in there may be a slight deterrent, especially when we are low on coins. In general, strong gym defenders include Blissey, Chansey, Snorlax, Slaking, and Exeggutor which have classically been tanks and take a little more time to defeat.

What can make gyms fun is to start a theme and see if others follow or destroy a theme by placing the exact opposite. Both can be fun and creative. Here are some examples.

Eevee evolution gym is almost complete
There is an Eevee evolution imposter here!
There is a psychic type imposter
Shiny shadow gym
Almost had all Pokémon that were shiny and green
Hats or flower crown except for one
Successful shiny green
Battle Ready Posture
Baby Pokémon except for the Gyrados
Ice Types
Dancing Pokémon

Other themes include round, dinosaur, mouse, cat, fish, sunglasses, or anything fun we can think of. It is challenging to get a theme completed especially if we are the first one. The key is to have fun and hope that they stay in the gyms long enough so that we get our 50 coins for the day.